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Two Wheeled Visitors

!st May 2019 - Many thanks to Robert Steadman for coming to visit me a 'On Your Marques' on his Penny Farthing today. Robert is an aficionado of historic bicycles and rides his Penny Farthing over very long distances. He has traveled around the world with his Penny Farthing and is a truly fascinating man. He has many other velocipedes including a treddle Penny Farthing, which is apparently extremely difficult to use!

Robert also dresses the part too, as you'll see from the picture! In case you're wondering ... the chair is there so the handlebars wouldn't get scuffed against the wall!


Many thanks to a couple of motorcycle clubs for visiting us here at 'On Your Marques'. The pictures below feature motorcycles  belonging to the Cyclemotor Club, AJS & Matchless Owners Club (The Poachers & The Jam Pot Club) - we all enjoyed their visit. A fabulous collection of classic bikes was quite a spectacle on our car park! Thanks very much for visiting us and hope to see you all again next season.

Bike 10
Bike 9
Bike 6
Bike 7
Bike 8
Bike 5
Bike 2
Bike 3
Bike 4
Bike 1
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